Why do so many people get hot and last so long?


Kendama is not just a play of simply placing it on a plate and sticking it into the tip of the kendama. Depending on the combination of techniques and movements, you can do endless things. There is also a strategy to increase the success of the same technique. Although it has a simple shape, it is actually a very deep play.

1. Tricks can be expanded into Combos.

①Single Trick

Here is an Example.

Big Cup → Land the Tama in the Big Cup


Spike → Land the Tama on the Spike


②Multi-Trick Combos

Around the World → Land the Tama on all three cups, then spike.


③Combining Techniques

One-Turn Lighthouse → Combine the Swing Spike (Swing the Tama and spike it after it completes one full rotation in the air, 4-Kyu) and Lighthouse (Pull the Ken straight up and balance in on top of the Tama 1-Kyu) to create One-Turn Lighthouse (Lighthouse after one full rotation, 3-dan).

※Add a swing to Big Cup to create Swing Big Cup. In this way, many tricks are being created.

The possibilities are endless!

Big Cup Strike → Catch the Tama in Big Cup in a way where the hole is completely hidden in the cup.


2. There are ways to increase the success rate of each trick!

In all tricks, there is a trick behind the trick.

By learning these tricks behind the tricks, maintaining consistent form and proper grip, players will dramatically increase their success rates.

Rather than waiting for a fluke, work on increasing your success rate. Soon, you will be able to land the trick easily. Learning a new trick feels great, but there is also a tremendous sense of accomplishment when players can feel their success rates increase.

In order to achieve high Dan ranks in the licensing system, players need to practice both of these aspects.

3. Where can I learn the tricks behind the tricks?

To learn these tricks, find a Kendama class or teacher near you! YouTube also has many tutorials that explain tricks in detail.

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