Challenge the Certification Licensing System or Enter a Competition!


Once players have mastered their technique, Kendama offers a place to put their skills to the test.

Taking the test conducted by the Japan Kendama Association as an example, the technique will be decided as shown in the table below.

The table for Kyu level

Players have 10 attempts at each trick. The number of successful attempts are tallied.

Players can attempt a Kyu (and Pre-Dan) test once a day.

Players must wait 1 month after taking any Dan test.

This is a period of self-assessment. Find and overcome your flaws and take the test again.

Kendama Certification Licensing System
(Kyu-Rank Certification Chart/Pre-Dan-Rank Certification Chart/Dan-Rank Certification Chart)

Kendama tournament

Kendama Competitions are held across the globe.

Kendama-Do style competitions are based on the degree of success of chosen tricks.

The winner is the player who not only has the most skill, but also the mental strength to land tricks under pressure.

There are many other styles of competition.

①Moshikame Competition

The trick, Moshikame, consists of juggling the Tama back and forth from the Big Cup and the Base Cup.

Moshikame competitions are competitions of endurance. Who has ultimate focus and can continue to perform Moshikame the longest?

The Guinness World Record is currently 11 hours.

②Performance Competitions

Players compete by showcasing their Performances using Kendama.

Skill, entertainment, and creativity are judged.

Players can choose to use more than one Kendama or even stringless Kendama for acrobatic tricks. Some perform while riding a unicycle or with volleyballs.

③Examples of local events and kendama painting

In addition, in the area, kendama is held at schools and nursery schools, and there is a contest to color the three-dimensional “kendama” by yourself because of kendama painting. The traditional Japanese culture “Kendama” is loved by people of all ages in various regions.

Introducing Kendama-Do

This is video introduces Kendama-Do. Kendama-Do is the founding principle behind the Japan Kendama Association, since its beginnings in 1975. The Do in Kendama-Do means “The Way” or “The Art Of”. Kendama is special because this “way” is represented as both a performing art and a martial art. Do is the pursuit of perfection of character through a single passion. It embodies a way of life and cultivates one’s character. Performing art is represented in the mastery of tricks. Martial art is represented in the cultivating of oneself through training both body and mind, and building character through competition and respected opponents. Though this video you will understand the mindset behind Kendama-Do, which Japanese people have held dear to for many years. We will explain the basics of Kendama, competitions, as well as the certification licensing system. Please watch this video if you are new to Kendama or want to broaden your understanding of Kendama. We hope you will enjoy all aspects of this traditional Japanese game.