Benefits of Kendama Exercise


【Results of an experiment conducted by Professor Morimasa Kato of Yonezawa University of Nutrition Sciences】

By playing Kendama and using one’s knees, players will begin to sweat.
Professor Morimasa Kato has found the following results.

Kendama is the Equivalent of Brisk Walking or Light Aerobics!

The amount of exercise players can get when playing Kendama is the equivalent of brisk walking or light aerobics. Using your knees when performing tricks like “Moshikame” and “Ozara Jump” is a great workout. Based on oxygen intake data, the amount of exercise one gets while in a seated position is measured as 1 METS. Lightly bending one’s knees at 88 beats/minute was measured at 3.4±0.9METS, equivalent to taking a walk or doing light aerobics. Deeply bending one’s knees at 66 beats/minute is the equivalent of 4.0±0.9METS, similar to the intensity of a brisk walk.


Kendama is an Aerobic Exercise that Converts Fat into Energy!

Through our most recent study, Kendama has been revealed to be a great way of converting fat into energy. As an aerobic exercise, Kendama can be expected to reduce visceral fat, leading to the prevention and improvement of lifestyle-related diseases such as high blood sugar, high blood pressure, and arteriosclerosis, as well as the improvement of respiratory and cardiovascular functions.

Kendama is a great, effective way to get exercise. In just a small area, players can play over an extended period of time. Enjoy Kendama as your daily exercise routine and enjoy seeing your skills improve.