Health benefits in kendama


Anti-Aging through Kendama

Kendama is a full body work out that is great for preventing aging. Catching the Tama in the cups requires players to bend their knees in a rhythmic manner. This movement promotes knee flexibility, which typically become stiff with age.

Kendama tricks that repeat, such as Moshikame, have been proven to provide the same amount of aerobic exercise as walking. Doing aerobic exercise without getting out of breath has been recognized as a way to prevent aging.


Using your hands and your mind

Kendama is a game that requires the use of your hands. Using ones hands stimulates many parts of the motor cortex in the brain and strengthens the function of neurons and synapses. Kendama also requires thinking. To master more complex and difficult tricks, players must think about how to practice and control the movements of their hands and body. This stimulates the prefrontal cortex of the brain. In this way, Kendama stimulates the entire brain and is thought to prevent dementia.